In an increasingly digital world, big data plays a very important role in driving decisions, innovation and productivity. Emergers Technologies’ Big Data and Analytics program enables students to build up a thorough understanding of big data analysis, bring creative solutions to tackle the challenges that arise in modern business and rapidly adapt to the changing role of information sciences. In today's world, properly leveraged data can bestow organizations of all types a competitive advantage. Emergers Technologies now offers the customers with specially trained professionals who with their vast knowledge of handling complex data on a daily basis, can make a difference in any organization.

Big data and Hadoop in Bangalore

1. what is big data?

2. What are the challenges for processing big data?

2. What are the challenges for processing big data?

3. what technologies support big data?

4.what is hadoop?

5. why hadoop?

6. History of hadoop?

7. Uses cases of hadoop?

8. RDBMS VS hadoop?

9. when to use and when not to use hadoop?

10. Ecosystem tour?

11. Vendor comparison?

12. hardware recommendations & statistics?

13. HDFS: Hadoop Distributed File system?

14.Significance of HDFS in hadoop?

15. Features of HDFS?

Daemons Of Hadoop

1. Name Node and its functionality.?

2. Data Node and its functionality.?

3. Secondary name Node and its functionality.?

4. Job tracker and its functionality.?

5. Task tracker and its functionality.?

DATA storage in HDFS

1. Introduction about blocks.?

2. Data replication ?

Accessing HDFS

1. CLI(Command Line Interface)?

2. JAVA Based Approach FAULT tolerance Download Hadoop?


Installation and setup of hadoop

1. Start-up & shut down process ?

MAP Reduce:

1. MAP reduce story?

2. Map reduce architecture?

3. How Map reduce works?

4.Developing Map Reduce.?

Map Reduce Programming Model

1.Different Phases of Map reduce Algorithm?

2.Different Data types in Map reduce.?

3. How write a basic map reduce program
. Driver code . 3 Mapper . reducer

Creating input and output format in Map reduce jobs

1. Text input format?

2.Key value input format?

3.Sequence file input format?

4.Data localization in Map Reduce?

5.Combiner (Mini Reducer) and partitioner?

6.Hadoop I/O?

7.Distributed Cache?